We are biotech company that develops, manufactures and sells the last generation of smart and bioactive textiles and apparel. Our purpose as a company is to cause a positive impacts on people’s lives and society through innovation and disruptive solutions, changing the concept of getting dressed.

“You have always taken care of the apparel,

from now on the apparel will take

care of you.”

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Fernando Hierro

Fernando Hierro

Founder of Bionox Group and Institutional

& Sports Advisor

Former national coach of Spanish football team. Fernando has developed an impeccable career of enormous value and recognition in the sports elite at the highest institutional and international level. Fernando also counts with experience in management, as a senior manager in the Spanish football federation.

Julio Álvarez


Graduated in Law and Business Management, MA in International Trade by ICEX. Auditor with more than 20 years of work experience in textile industry and business consulting.

Fernando Rueda

Chief Executive Officer

More than 25 years of work experience in the main pharmaceutical companies that are market leaders. Creator of successful business models and with wide experience in management of international project in the biotech market.

Carlos Aparicio Borrego

Chief Scientific Officer

Expert in nanomaterials applied to textiles. Specialist in Family and Community Medicine.

Jose Luis Castellano

Board Member & Legal Advisor

Graduated in Law, MBA and FMVA by Vancouver CFI (BC Canada). Jose Luis is leading the strategy of Bionox Group in United States.

Miguel Angel Vilchez

Chief Operating Officer

Engineer with wide experience in manufacturing, logistics and distribution in FCMG. Expert in information technologies.

Christian Rueda

Chief Marketing Officer

Graduated in Business Management and International Trade at University of Wales and ESCOEX. Awarded by Santander Bank and CaixaBank as a Young Talent in Business and Entrepreneurship. Experience in internationalization.

Carmen Alvarez Roldán

Chief Sales Officer

Graduated in Marketing and Market Research at University of Granada. Experience in marketing and communication.

Georgy B. Fedotov

Chief Communications Officer

Graduated in Marketing and International Trade at ESCOEX University. Experience in branding, communication and marketing.

Luis Guillermo Baños


Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Specialist in Neurodynamics and Sports Physiotherapy. MA in Invasive Physiotherapy and MA in Functional Neuromodulation (Mc Master University of Toronto, Canada).

Pedro Chueca


Physiotherapist, expert and international reference in sports physiotherapy, traumatology and post-surgical rehabilitation. Pedro has worked with Real Madrid and the Spanish football team.

Antonio Huete Allut


Specialist in Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Doctor of Medicine and Surgery. Member of Spanish Society of Neurosurgery and Coordinator of the Working Group Surgery and Sports.

Luis Guzmán Álvarez


Specialist in Radiodiagnosis and Family and Community Medicine. Expert in the health effect of electromagnetic wavelengths.

Antonio Pío González Daneo


Graduated in Veterinary Medicine, specialized in sports horses since 1979. Specialist in regenerative treatments, PrP and stem cells.

Pablo Ruiz Vozmediano


Specialist in Otolaryngology and cervical pathology.

Carlos Martín

Financial Advisor

Graduated in Economics with wide financial experience in Chambers of Commerce.


01. B2B 

Selling our products or our technology to international companies.

02. B2B2C

Commercializing in the national market to maintain keep the pulse of the market.


In order to offer to the market an unique pipeline maintaining leadership in a long term and increasing company’s value.


In Bionox Group we offer new solutions and opportunities thanks to our research and development capabilities. Thus, we offer to the market pioneer and unique technology, at the same time that we are maximizing our differential value as a company.



Clinica Luis Banos

Harmonium Innovation




Next generation of smart and biofunctional textiles.

We have always taken care of our apparel, from now on the apparel will take care of us.

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