We’ve created and patented a textile material capable of emitting Far Infrared (FIR) that has all the benefits of NASA technology.
A unique project

The Bionox Group is a biotechnology firm that develops smart textiles capable of improving people’s well-being, health and lives. And it’s developed an important technological advance by creating and patenting EKATOM® Fiber.


The science of EKATOM® Fiber is based on physics and biochemistry; a unique bioceramics formula, patented by Bionox, fused into a polyester thread.


EKATOM® Fiber is capable of capturing body heat and converting it into infrared (IR) light. The result is more energy, superior muscle performance, faster recovery, improved thermal regulation and more restful sleep.


EKATOM® Fiber technology can be applied to garments designed for diabetics and also sports, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, as well as equestrian clothing and veterinary products.


The Bionox Group is the only company in the world with EKATOM® Fiber technology.

Our innovation program is constantly developing new materials and applications that are changing the concept of “wear” for a new generation of bioactive clothing.


Thanks to this, we’ll make people stronger, healthier and more alive.



Executive team

Julio Alvarez


Graduate in Law and Business Administration, Master in ICEX Foreign Trade. Auditor with 20 years’ experience in the textile sector, business consulting.

Fernando Rueda


More than 25 years’ experience in major pharmaceutical multinationals and market leaders. A creator of successful business models, he’s led important international projects in the biotechnology market.

Carlos Aparicio Borrego

Chief Scientific Officer

Expert in nanomaterials and biotextiles applied to health. Doctor of Medicine.

Key team

Fernando Hierro

Founder of Bionox Group and Institutional & Sports Advisor

A former manager of Spain’s national football squad, Fernando has had an impeccable career among the sporting elite and is greatly valued and recognized at the highest institutional and international level for the project. He also has extensive experience in management as a senior executive for the Spanish football federation.

Miguel Angel Vilchez

Chief Operating Officer

An engineer with extensive experience in managing production, logistics and distribution in large consumer companies. An information technology expert.

Christian Rueda

Chief Marketing Officer

Graduate in Business Administration and International Trade from the University of Wales and ESCOEX. Recognized by Banco Santander and CaixaBank as a Young Talent in Business and Entrepreneurship. Experience in internationalization.

Cristina Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Graduate in Law and in Economics from the University of Granada. Master in Auditing from UDIMA. Several years of professional experience at Nit Ram Auditores S.L.P.

Georgy B. Fedotov

Chief Communications Officer

Graduate in Business Administration and International Trade. Experience in branding, communication and marketing.

Advisory board

Luis Guillermo Baños Marin


Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Specialist in Neurodynamics and Sports Physiotherapy, Master in Invasive Physiotherapy. Master in Functional Neuromodulation (McMaster University, Toronto, Canada).

Antonio Huete Allut


Specialist in Neurology and Neurosurgery and Doctor in Medicine and Surgery. Coordinator of the Surgery and Sports working group for the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery.

Luis Guzman Alvarez


Specialist in Radio Diagnosis and Family and Community Medicine. Expert on the effect of different wavelengths on health.

Antonio Pio Gonzalez Daneo


Graduate in Veterinary Medicine, specializing in Equine Sports Medicine since 1979, member of the national veterinary team, specialist in regenerative treatments, PrP and stem cells.

Pablo Ruiz Vozmediano


Specialist in Ear, Nose &Throat and cervical pathology.

Jose Luis Castellano

Legal Advisor

Corporate lawyer who has worked in the United States and Europe.

Carlos Martin

Financial Advisor

Degree in Economics with extensive financial experience in Chambers of Commerce.

Miguel Angel Mendez

Strategic Advisor

He leads Bionox’s US strategy. Former investment banker and CEO of fast-growing technology companies in the United States and Europe.

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