Business model

Focusing on markets with great business potential

Diabetes | 400 million people

Prevention and treatment of diabetic foot pathologies, a major complication of diabetes, and developing garments that can monitor glucose levels.

“An alliance has been signed with a company specializing in diabetes that’s present in 30 countries, and the first sales have already been made”.

Physiotherapy & Pain | $3 billion

A unique differentiation and positioning: a product line that combines our FIR technology with an exclusive functional design that speeds up rehabilitation.

“The line is market-ready and the first deal of over 3,000 units already closed with an important national clinic”.

Horses | $300 billion

A unique line of products that enhance equine performance and recovery with our FIR textile technology.

Small Pets | $22 billion

One of the world’s leading veterinarians in this field is leading the project, and supporting its marketing.

Active & Outdoor Wear | $546 billion

Positioning and focus on performance enhancement and subsequent recovery, helping people to achieve the goals of their physical exercise.

“Marketing has begun, international distribution contracts have been signed and the first exports have shipped”.

Partner & Alliances

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